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For C-suite executives and those in the upper echelons of leadership at corporations and institutions nationwide, Sanford Heisler Sharp excels at handling claims with discretion and integrity in a number of practice areas, including discrimination and harassment, retaliation, whistleblower and qui tam, wrongful termination, and financial fraud. Most of the matters we handle are settled confidentially before a lawsuit is ever filed. Throughout the steps leading up to settlement, communications remain private, from the initial consultation all the way through negotiations with the client’s employer for a satisfactory result.

Our success at settling matters confidentially before anything is ever filed is due to our strong track record in litigation and at trial. Past successes include verdicts ranging from low seven-figure awards up to nine-figure awards.

Our attorneys understand the complexities involved in bringing a claim against your own corporation or firm. It is our mission to negotiate a just resolution for our clients quickly and confidentially. In the event we need to file your case, we would commit all of the resources necessary to ensure a level playing field and put on the strongest case possible at trial.

We have negotiated hundreds of millions of dollars in pre-suit settlements for individuals with discrimination (gender, race, age, and national origin), retaliation, wrongful termination, whistleblower, and executive compensation/wage claims against their former employers within various industries, including finance, legal, medical, biotech, fashion, consulting, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, and technology.

Some of our past successes:

  • Numerous seven-figure settlements for partners at AmLaw 200 firms.
  • Numerous seven- and eight-figure settlements for whistleblowers across the United States.
  • Numerous seven- and eight-figure settlements for executives in the United States.
  • A recent $8.3 million arbitration award for an executive and co-founder of a semiconductor company.
  • Numerous seven-figure settlements for doctors and C-level healthcare professionals.

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