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Sanford Heisler Sharp is one of the nation’s leading law firms advocating for women in the workplace. Many of our clients are top performers in their fields, serving in high-profile roles in industries as diverse as technology, law, finance, accounting, publishing, pharmaceuticals, academia, and medicine. Despite their talents and commitment to their work, many professional women experience sex discrimination that disrupts or even derails their career plans.

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Examples Of Gender Discrimination

In modern workplaces, sex discrimination takes many forms. Pay discrimination is rampant, where employers fail to provide equal pay to women who are performing equal work or substantially similar work as their male colleagues. Many women experience especially acute gender discrimination when they are pregnant, take maternity leave, or take on caregiving responsibilities as mothers. Sexual harassment is a persistent problem, especially in male-dominated workplaces where female employees are subjected to sexually-charged comments, sexual advances, and even assault in the workplace.

How Sanford Heisler Sharp Can Help

Sanford Heisler Sharp has litigated many of the country’s highest profile gender discrimination class actions, securing the largest gender discrimination verdict in U.S. history and representing many thousands of women who have banded together to bring class action lawsuits challenging gender discrimination in pay, promotions, and during pregnancy. In addition, Sanford Heisler Sharp routinely represents female employees in confidential negotiations so that our clients can obtain compensation while preserving their reputations and professional networks.

Successful Gender Discrimination Cases

Our Discrimination and Harassment Practice Group has successfully resolved scores of gender discrimination cases, including:

  • $253 million jury verdict against Novartis in ground-breaking gender class action lawsuit
  • $10 million settlement of equal pay collective action against big four accounting firm KPMG
  • Multiple gender discrimination class action settlements against pharmaceutical companies, including $8 million settlement with Alcon and $6.2 million settlement with Merck
  • $10+ million settlement on behalf of a group of female attorneys at a law firm
  • $2+ million settlement for employee who was denied pregnancy accommodations
  • $2+ million settlement for university employee subjected to sexual harassment
  • Multi-year settlement for female lawyer who was denied promotion to partner

To learn about how Sanford Heisler Sharp can assist you in your gender discrimination claims, reach out to the Discrimination and Harassment Practice Group.

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$253 Million Settlement

Gender Discrimination Verdict Against Pharma Company

Sanford Heisler Sharp achieved the largest jury verdict in U.S. history in an employment discrimination case. A jury awarded $253 million after finding the pharmaceutical giant liable for gender discrimination in pay, promotions, and relating to pregnancy. The case benefited over 7,000 female pharmaceutical representatives.

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