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Are Employees Protected From Retaliation By Their Employer?

Many employees are nervous to speak up against discrimination because they are afraid that they will experience retaliation if they do. Fortunately, federal, state, and local laws all confer strong protections against retaliation for employees who object to discrimination, whether by bringing internal complaints to human resources or their managers or bringing formal legal proceedings. These protections are critical to ensure that employees are comfortable reporting wrongdoing that they see in their workplaces, and many employees see their working conditions improve once they speak up.

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What Is Considered Workplace Retaliation?

Unfortunately, many clients come to us when their employers fail to live up to legal mandates not to retaliate. Sometimes the retaliation our clients experience is overt, where an employer makes clear that they are angry about an employee bringing a complaint. In other instances, the timing of an employer’s decisions make clear that the employer is retaliating, such as when an employee complaint is swiftly followed by a negative performance review or reference, the denial of a promotion or raise, a demotion or a termination, or threats against the employee.

How Sanford Heisler Sharp Can Help Protect Your Rights

Sanford Heisler Sharp has litigated many of the country’s highest-profile retaliation cases. In addition, Sanford Heisler Sharp, routinely represents employees in confidential negotiations, so that our clients can obtain compensation for their retaliation claims while preserving their reputations and professional networks as they restart their careers.

Our Record Of Success In Retaliation Cases

Our Discrimination and Harassment Practice Group has represented hundreds of clients in retaliation cases, including:

  • Representing former employee of Robert De Niro in high-profile retaliation lawsuit
  • Winning $1.25 million jury verdict in retaliation lawsuit against Columbia university
  • Securing $2+ million settlement for an employee who experienced retaliatory defamation
  • Securing $1.5 million settlement for an executive who experienced retaliatory termination
  • Securing $8 million settlement for a law firm partner who experienced retaliatory termination
  • Securing $5 million settlement for in-house counsel who experienced retaliatory termination

To learn about how we can assist you in your retaliation claims, reach out to the Discrimination and Harassment Practice Group.

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