Alumni Testimonials

  • Prepared me for the demands of being a law student.
    “I'm about to start my second semester at NYU, and wanted to write and let you know how well I think working with you at Sanford Heisler Sharp prepared me for the demands of being a law student.”
    – Former Legal Assistant
  • The firm encouraged me every step of the way.
    “I can confidently say that I feel adequately prepared and ready for the rigors of law school due to the experience and exposure I gained as a Legal Assistant at Sanford Heisler Sharp.”
    – Former Legal Assistant
  • Strengthened my skills.
    “Through my hands on experience as a legal assistant, I have gained and strengthened skills that will serve me well across fields.”
    – Former Legal Assistant
  • Talented and compassionate colleagues.
    “At Sanford Heisler Sharp, I had the privilege of assisting wonderful clients and developing critical skills in the company of talented and compassionate colleagues. I feel very grateful for my time there.”
    – Former Legal Assistant
  • I learned important professional skills
    “In my experience, the legal assistant role at Sanford Heisler Sharp is one that gives back as much as one puts in, if not more.”
    – Anderson R.
  • Strengthened my resolve to go to law school.
    “The opportunity to work at a boutique private public interest firm allowed me to take on substantial responsibilities and therefore learn a great deal not just about civil rights litigation, but about lawyering in general.”
    – Former Legal Assistant
  • I am both a better person and professional.
    “My time at Sanford Heisler Sharp has been a rewarding experience. The work is substantial, but the causes are meaningful and the team is passionate.”
    – Former Legal Assistant
  • Rewarding!
    “The level of involvement and ownership I had was empowering, and the relationships I developed with clients made the hard work feel more rewarding.”
    – Former Legal Assistant
  • A Professional "Home"
    “I feel extremely fortunate to the firm’s leaders for their support of employees and their commitment to public interest work.”
    – K.M.
  • I couldn’t recommend this position enough.
    “My time at Sanford Heisler Sharp radically changed how I view the law and the people who work within it.”
    – Meredith W.
  • The work we do is rewarding.
    “I am grateful to have worked with such talented and kind attorneys and co-workers. The work we do is exciting, challenging, and most of all, rewarding.”
    – Former Legal Assistant
  • Provided me a great foundation to value the ways civil litigation can be a vehicle for change.
    “My time at Sanford Heisler Sharp has easily been two of the most formative years of my life.”
    – Former Legal Assistant