Alumni Testimonials

Alumni Testimonials

My SHS Colleagues Inspired Me Every Day

“Sanford Heisler Sharp was an incredible place to work as a hopeful lawyer-to-be. After graduating from college, I joined the firm seeking to understand the role of practicing attorney. Two years later, with several pre-suits, litigations, and a trial under my belt, I’m leaving for law school with the understanding that being an attorney is a multi-faceted identity that takes many forms: a counselor, a quasi-therapist, a writer, a negotiator, and more. The attorneys and staff at SHS fill all of these roles differently, but share a dedication to each other, to their clients, and to justice. My SHS colleagues inspired me every day to learn more, do more, and be more than I thought was possible for myself. I’m sad to leave such a special place, but am so excited to see what this amazing group of people will accomplish next.”
– Anna Tropiano, Former Legal Assistant

High-level Mentorship and a Public Interest Focus

“A fellowship with Sanford Heisler Sharp is a deeply rewarding experience. At Sanford Heisler Sharp, I was able to work alongside a team of experienced civil rights attorneys who were dedicated to their cause and to seeing me succeed. As a young attorney, it can be difficult to find a position that combines high-level mentorship and a public interest focus. A fellowship at Sanford Heisler Sharp provides both opportunities. It was gratifying to know I was contributing to a just cause while strengthening my legal skills.”
– Former Tom Henderson Civil Rights Fellow

Invaluable Experiences and Connections

“It’s been an incredible journey being a part of SHS. From day one, I’ve been amazed by the level of support, mentorship, and opportunities provided. The dynamic environment fostered growth both personally and professionally. As I transition to new horizons, I’m grateful for the invaluable experiences and connections gained through my time here. Thank you for shaping my career path and empowering me to excel.”

– Ashley C.

Brilliant, Hardworking, and Kind

“My time as a Legal Assistant at Sanford Heisler Sharp has been incredibly transformative. It would be difficult to find a better place to prepare one for law school! From the Partners to the Fellows to the Legal Assistants, the people here are brilliant, hardworking, and kind.”

– Former Employee

Empower Clients to Confront Injustice

“I am incredibly thankful to have worked with such thoughtful, creative, and compassionate lawyers and legal assistants. I have learned more about the legal system and the practice of law over the past two years than I ever thought possible!
Working at SHS has shown me that the law can be harnessed to tell individual and collective stories to bring about tangible change. ”

“I have seen how legal representation can empower clients to confront injustice, and I am proud to have worked at a firm that prioritizes centering client voices. My experiences as a legal assistant have truly shaped my understanding of advocacy. I am especially grateful to the Baltimore office attorneys and legal assistants, both past and present! I will miss sharing lunches and laughter together. I have had the opportunity to participate in many interesting and important cases, but I want to give a special shoutout to the Polymer80 team. Working on the Polymer80 case and reflecting on the ways law can be used to combat the gun violence epidemic in Baltimore and beyond played a major role in my decision apply to law school. ”

– Sophia Loughlin

Deeply Rewarding

“The two years I spent working at Sanford Heisler Sharp were deeply rewarding! Not only did I gain a vast range of professional skills and a depth of knowledge about the legal field, but I also got to work with impressively dedicated, intelligent, and compassionate individuals. My countless positive experiences at the firm led me to decide that I wanted to go to law school and pursue public interest work as a career. I am so grateful to have had this transformative experience.”

– Former Legal Assistant

Invaluable Experience

“I am incredibly grateful for my experience at Sanford Heisler Sharp. During my time as a legal assistant, I have gained invaluable professional and communication skills that will undoubtedly prepare me for law school. SHS allows its legal assistants to engage in substantive case work in a way that is unparalleled at other firms and in other positions at this level. I admire my colleagues’ passion for civil rights, and I have no doubt this firm will do great things.”

– Former Legal Assistant

My Time Here Proved Incredibly Valuable in Charting My Path Forward

“SHS offers its legal assistants extraordinary access to substantive casework. I came to the firm not knowing whether I wanted to become a lawyer and my time here proved incredibly valuable in charting my path forward.”

– Former Legal Assistant

The Highlight of My Career

“The last three years at Sanford Heisler Sharp have flown by, but they’ve been a highlight of my career. I’ve learned a lot, met a bunch of people I respect and admire enormously, and gotten the chance to work on some of the most interesting cases I’ve ever been a part of…”

“At the serious risk of leaving off a deserving name: I’ll still be collaborating with the opioid team, so for them it might feel like I never left, but I feel lucky to be able to continue to work with Kevin, Grant, Christine, Steve, Jon, James, Kaitlin, Albert, Miles and Samantha. In particular, the ERISA team has been an absolute delight – Charles, Ali, Leigh Anne, the Shaun/Seans, Virginia (and more recently Cara and David M., who I think will both be excellent additions to a great group). . . . I’m also incredibly indebted to LAs past and present who have been the glue that kept everything together, and very often the engines that kept the wheels moving forward.”

– Johan Conrod

I Had the Opportunity to Work with a Team of Passionate and Accomplished Lawyers and Staff

“At Sanford Heisler Sharp I had the opportunity to work with a team of passionate and accomplished lawyers and staff. I am grateful for both the substantive work experience and preparation for law school that I gained during my time at the firm.”

– Former Legal Assistant

I Gained Valuable Communication, Writing, and Professional Skills as a Legal Assistant

“I gained valuable communication, writing, and professional skills as a Legal Assistant. Like many other Legal Assistants, my experience at Sanford Heisler Sharp encouraged me to go to law school. The firm’s lawyers model the compassionate, tireless legal advocacy that I one day hope to emulate.”

– Former Legal Assistant

Prepared Me for the Demands of Being a Law Student

“I’m about to start my second semester at NYU, and wanted to write and let you know how much I’ve been enjoying 1L so far, and how well I think working with you at Sanford Heisler Sharp prepared me for the demands of being a law student.”

– Former Legal Assistant

The Firm Encouraged Me Every Step of the Way

“The two years I spent as a Legal Assistant at Sanford Heisler Sharp challenged and shaped me in ways I never could have anticipated. The learning curve was steep, as expected, but the collaborative environment and supportive staff at the Firm encouraged me every step of the way…”

“I learned so much and am thankful for the irreplaceable professional development and personal growth that arose from my time at Sanford Heisler Sharp. I am deeply grateful for the mentorship I received and the long lasting connections I made at SHS. I can confidently say that I feel adequately prepared and ready for the rigors of law school due to the experience and exposure I gained as a Legal Assistant at Sanford Heisler Sharp.”

– Former Legal Assistant

Strengthened My Skills

“I look back at my two years at Sanford Heisler Sharp as a unique opportunity that exposed me to the breadth of civil litigation and allowed me to work alongside some of the most creative attorneys in the field. Through my hands on experience as a legal assistant, I have gained and strengthened skills that will serve me well across fields. I leave the firm with a deeper understanding of why I want to go to law school and with mentors that I hope to stay in touch with for years to come.”

– Former Legal Assistant

Talented and Compassionate Colleagues

“At Sanford Heisler Sharp I had the privilege of assisting wonderful clients and developing critical skills in the company of talented and compassionate colleagues. I feel very grateful for my time there.”

– Former Legal Assistant

I Learned Important Professional Skills

“In my experience, the legal assistant role at Sanford Heisler Sharp is one that gives back as much as one puts in, if not more. Nearly every case and every assignment offers new opportunities to learn and grow on both a personal and professional level. These lessons are facilitated by an extremely talented team of attorneys and support staff that are always willing to either guide someone in the right direction or to help in a more hands-on manner when the need arises…”

“Furthermore, it offers a window into the practice of law not always offered by similar roles at other firms, as legal assistants at Sanford Heisler Sharp are often given responsibilities that require them to immerse themselves in the facts and theories of the cases they are staffed on. The typical legal assistant will find themselves staffed on a diverse set of cases, ranging from pre-suit representation, individual litigation, complex litigation or even clemency cases, and they can expect to gain a wide range of experiences and perspectives along the way. For some, including myself, this provides an invaluable experience in allowing one to see the day-to-day practice of law up close, identify the skills required to succeed in the field and determine whether they have a passion for the practice. Ultimately, my time at Sanford Heisler Sharp left me a more thoughtful, attentive and flexible individual and equipped me with many of the analytical and critical thinking skills that I will require as I either go to law school or make professional inroads elsewhere.”

– Anderson R.

A Professional “Home”

“I am incredibly grateful to have spent my first two years out of college at Sanford Heisler Sharp as a legal assistant. The firm presents legal assistants with an unparalleled opportunity to make meaningful contributions to case work and office management; this exposure is perhaps the best professional development activity a recent undergraduate can have…”

“Guided by extremely talented and creative attorneys, legal assistants are fully integrated into the firm and are provided with a professional “home.” Moreover, it is evident that the firm’s leadership cares about employees personally. I feel extremely fortunate to the firm’s leaders for their support of employees and their commitment to public interest work. Finally, throughout my time at the firm, I have come to a deeper understanding of the injustices that are present in our lives and workplaces. While this may sound disheartening, I have become more aware of the aforementioned injustices that percolate our workplaces and lives, and I thank the firm for demonstrating every day the importance of advocating for employees.The legal assistant position is rewarding and challenging, and I am personally impressed by the growth my peers and I experienced at the firm. My time at Sanford Heisler Sharp has reaffirmed my passion for social justice, and I have the utmost respect for all who work in public interest fields. I thank the firm for providing me with the opportunity of a lifetime to work towards a more just future. I am also extremely grateful to the firm’s attorneys for their tireless work on behalf of clients and to make Sanford Heisler Sharp a warm and welcoming workplace.”

– K.M.

I Couldn’t Recommend This Position Enough

“My time at Sanford Heisler Sharp radically changed how I view the law and the people who work within it. As a Legal Intake Specialist, the firm tasked me with speaking to hundreds of potential clients, listening to the breadth of their concerns, and translating that information back to our attorneys to determine if the individual had a legal claim…”

“This practice sharpened my understanding of how to spot complex legal issues and pinpoint exactly where the law does or does not protect our citizens. Speaking with hundreds of potential clients doesn’t come without difficulty. Through this job I learned to appreciate the evils of workplace discrimination and the immeasurable toll it takes on our clients. I used the principles of trauma-informed care to patiently hear our potential client’s claims and dig out illegal actions from emotionally volatile experiences.Each attorney at the firm fostered a learning environment during our calls and intakes. They would often take our intakes and expand them out, exploring the law, context, and history to explain thorny legal issues. Every day at Sanford Heisler Sharp felt like I was in the classroom again. I leave the firm to attend law school and I am more confident than ever that I am equipped and prepared to become an attorney. I couldn’t recommend this position enough for college graduates looking for a job between undergraduate education and graduate or law school.”

– Meredith W.

Strengthened My Resolve to Go to Law School

“I am so grateful to have spent two years at Sanford Heisler Sharp prior to attending law school. The opportunity to work at a boutique private public interest firm allowed me to take on substantial responsibilities and therefore learn a great deal not just about civil rights litigation, but about lawyering in general. My two years at Sanford Heisler Sharp strengthened my resolve to go to law school by helping me better understand what I want to do with my law degree in the public interest space.”

– Former Legal Assistant

I Am Both a Better Person and Professional

“My time at Sanford Heisler Sharp has been a rewarding experience. The work is substantial, but the causes are meaningful and the team is passionate. After two years with this firm, I am both a better person and professional.”

– Former Legal Assistant


“My time at Sanford Heisler Sharp has been invaluable. I wasn’t just an assistant, I was a valued contributor and member of each case team. The level of involvement and ownership I had was empowering, and the relationships I developed with clients made the hard work feel more rewarding…”

“Before joining the firm, it was my goal to work somewhere that would expose me to the complexities and realness of the legal profession. I wasn’t rejected due to my lack of legal/work experience, and as a result, with the guidance of attorneys, I’ve become a more well-rounded professional.”

– Former Legal Assistant

The Work We Do Is Rewarding

“Being a Legal Assistant at Sanford Heisler Sharp has been a wonderful experience. I am grateful to have worked with such talented and kind attorneys and co-workers. The work we do is exciting, challenging, and most of all, rewarding.”

– Former Legal Assistant

Provided Me a Great Foundation to Value the Ways Civil Litigation Can Be a Vehicle for Change

“My time at Sanford Heisler Sharp has easily been two of the most formative years of my life. The breadth of experience in both individual and collective actions has provided me a great foundation to value the ways civil litigation can be a vehicle for change…”

“Through rigors and rewards of my work, I gained a deeper appreciation of what it meant to be a lawyer. I walk away from my time at the firm not only with the realization of why I want to be a lawyer, but having met mentors who have shown me what type of advocate I want to become.”

– Former Legal Assistant

I Think My Favorite Part of Working at Sanford Heisler Sharp Was the People

“I think my favorite part of working at Sanford Heisler Sharp was the people. The legal assistant job strengthened my legal analysis and communicative skills. More than that, though, my incredible colleagues exemplified the type of professional I hope to be. I am grateful that my first job out of college allowed me to learn so much.”

– Former Legal Assistant

A Firm That Shares My Values and Priorities

“I am very grateful for the incredible opportunities I have had during my time at Sanford Heisler Sharp. I am very fortunate to have worked in an environment such as this – a firm that shares my values and priorities, with considerate and kind colleagues, and a firm culture that emphasizes career development and growth. I will carry the lessons I have learned with me to my future endeavors, and I know that they will help me be better in those roles. I look forward to following the firm’s future successes on LinkedIn and in the media.”

– Former Employee

Amazing Opportunity

“I am so grateful for the amazing opportunity I had at SHS. I will miss the company culture and kind people.”
– R. Stagliano, Former Member of the Intake and Operations Team