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Defending Victims of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment in the workplace has been illegal for decades, and increased attention to sexual harassment in recent years has increased public support for victims and survivors. The law is on your side. Public opinion is on your side. And victims and survivors need to have advocates on their side.

Some individuals want representation publicly, calling out sexual harassment and holding individuals and companies accountable in court. Other individuals want to ensure accountability and consequences for wrongdoers and compensation for their damages and suffering without publicizing their experiences.

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Our Sexual Harassment Approach

Sanford Heisler Sharp's client-centered approach to sexual harassment matters ensures that the needs and wants of victims and survivors take top priority. Our lawyers and staff are trained in trauma-informed representation. They have substantial experience guiding clients through the sensitive process of addressing their harassment through confidential negotiations or public litigation.

Sanford Heisler Sharp's Discrimination and Harassment Practice Group has represented numerous
individuals in sexual harassment matters, including:

  • Negotiating a settlement for a law firm senior associate whose supervisor suggested her career would advance faster if she engaged with him sexually and who frequently commented on her body and physical appearance
  • Representing an accounting professional who was sexually assaulted after her employer insisted she entertain a client after-hours even though she informed them he was a known harasser
  • Negotiating an exit package for an engineer who suffered sexual harassment based on her gender and sexual orientation and helping to prevent future harassment
  • Securing a multimillion-dollar settlement for a graduate student who a professor sexually harassed
  • Securing a settlement worth multiple years of pay for a lawyer who was subjected to sexually suggestive remarks at her law firm
  • Securing a favorable EEOC determination on behalf of a pharmaceutical employee who her supervisor sexually harassed
  • Securing a multi-million dollar settlement for an in-house attorney who was sexually harassed
  • Assisting a law clerk in raising her harassment claims within the judiciary

To learn more about our client-centered approach to sexual harassment matters, contact the firm’s Discrimination and Harassment Practice Group.

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