Midshipmen-Cadet Suits Against Maersk Line, Limited

Hope Hicks v. Maersk Line, Limited | Midshipman Y v. Maersk Line, Limited

Case type: Criminal/Sexual Violence and Gender Discrimination
Filed in: Supreme Court of the State of New York, Nassau County
Docket: TBD

Case Summary

The complaints alleged that Maersk Line, owner and operator of commercial cargo vessels, violated the Jones Act, General Maritime Law, and anti-discrimination laws by failing to adequately protect two female students from sexual assault and sexual harassment while they worked aboard the Maersk M/V Alliance Fairfax as part of the U. S. Merchant Marine Academy’s “Sea Year” program.

The complaints further alleged that, despite being aware of the history of sexual assault and harassment on its ships, Maersk failed to institute adequate safety and prevention measures. As a result, during their Sea Years cadet Hope Hicks was raped by her superior officer and the cadet who goes by the moniker “Midshipman Y” was subjected to extreme sexual harassment by a crewmember.

Questionnaire for Current and Former Participants of Maritime Cadet Programs 

We understand that many of you endured extremely difficult and traumatizing situations during your Sea Year or other maritime cadet program voyages, and that recounting those experiences below can be triggering. Please provide as much information to as many of the questions below as you recall and feel comfortable sharing. Any information is helpful to us, and all information will remain strictly confidential. If any question is not applicable to your situation, please write N/A in the box provided. If you would prefer to speak with someone about your experiences, please call us at 202-499-5200 and identify yourself as a current or former Maritime Cadet.