Criminal/Sexual Violence Litigation

Midshipmen-Cadet Suits Against Maersk Line, Limited

Two midshipmen claim that Maersk Line violated the Jones Act, General Maritime Law, and anti-discrimination laws when it failed to protect two female U.S. Merchant Marine Academy students from sexual assault and sexual harassment during their time aboard the Maersk M/V Alliance Fairfax as part of a “Sea Year” program.

The Waterford School Sexual Assault Lawsuit

The complaint alleges the elite private school refused to implement safeguards to protect the female student’s safety at the institution, including ignoring bullying and shunning by other students, tolerating consistent mistreatment by faculty and turning a blind eye to a traumatic rape by a male classmate with a known history of sexual harassment and physical violence.

Rabbi Freundel Voyeurism Class Action

Early in 2015, Freundel pleaded guilty in a criminal proceeding before the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, to numerous counts of illicitly filming women as they used the “mikvah”- a Jewish ritual bath frequently used by married Orthodox women as well as by women undergoing conversion to Judaism.