Month: February 2019

‘Epic’ Impact: How a Major SCOTUS Decision in Favor of Arbitration Is Shaping the Landscape for Workplace Lawsuits

The case before U.S. District Judge Gerald McHugh Jr. was not unlike others he’d seen before. A woman alleged sexual harassment in the workplace so severe she had been forced to quit her job. Her former employer, a global talent agency called MarketSource, was arguing that the whole dispute ought to be in front of an arbitrator—not in a public…

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Yale: Student Ellie Singer Sues Against Men’s Ropes at Elite University

Click here to read the German article Sexual harassment in Yale That’s why three students complain against the elite university Is there a misogynist climate on the campus of Eliteuni Yale? Here’s a student talking about grapsch attacks at parties – and why she’s going on with two fellow campaigners against the US college. They feel sexually harassed and discriminated…

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HHS Proposes Rule That Subjects Rebate System to Anti-Kickback Liability

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced a proposal to amend the Anti-Kickback Statute to expressly exclude from safe harbor protections rebates on prescription drugs paid by manufacturers to pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), Part D plans, and Medicaid-managed care organizations.[1]  This proposal, if finalized, will alter the incentive structure for PBMs, benefiting consumers in the form of lower prescription prices…

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Dos and Don’ts to Consider Before Going to Human Resources

Thinking of raising a complaint to your Human Resources representative?  First, read these Dos and Don’ts from an employment law attorney. 1. DO read this article: “HR Is Not Your Friend: Here’s Why.” In representing clients in gender discrimination claims and pregnancy discrimination claims, I have learned that many employees think HR is there for them.  On their side.  Employees think: If…

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Can I Still Bring a Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, or Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Against My School or University?

The #MeToo Movement continues to call attention to victims of sexual violence and discrimination. A chorus of survivors’ voices grows. More and more survivors are filing sex discrimination lawsuits to vindicate their rights in court and hold accountable both the perpetrators who harmed them and the institutions that failed to protect them. Often it is an educational institution that betrays…

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Yale Students Sue for Access to All-Male Fraternities and Their Powerful Networks

Three students at Yale University laid the groundwork yesterday (Feb. 12) for what could become a historic reckoning on campus. In a class-action lawsuit, they sued the school and nine of its all-male fraternities for discrimination based on gender, the Associated Press (AP) reports. The lawsuit, brought by students Ky Walker, Anna McNeil, and Eliana Singer, seeks to ban fraternities…

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Women Sue Yale to Gender-Integrate Fraternities

Three undergraduate students are suing Yale University and fraternities at the university to force the fraternities to “gender-integrate.” The suit’s plaintiffs, students Anna McNeil, Eliana Singer and Ry Walker, “believed that the most direct route to prevent sexual harassment and assault—and to challenge the gender disparities in social clout and economic opportunity perpetuated by fraternities—was to integrate Yale’s fraternities by…

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Secretary DeVos’ Proposal on Sexual Assault Draws Wave of Personal Attacks

Not long after she was sworn in, Secretary DeVos met with campus sexual survivors and advocates and promised any action she took on Title IX would respect their viewpoint. That was a lie. Secretary DeVos’ proposed regulations overwhelmingly reflect the view of institutions seeking to limit liability at survivors’ expense, in four key ways. First, the proposal limits schools’ responsibility…

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