Yale Women Sue For Admission Into Fraternities

On Behalf of | February 13, 2019 | Gender Discrimination

Three women who attend Yale University have brought a lawsuit to try to open the school’s fraternities to women.

The students are suing the university and nine of its all-male fraternities. They say they tried to rush the fraternities and were rejected solely on the basis of their gender.

They say women are being shut out of the social and economic benefits offered by all-male fraternities.

“By excluding women from fraternity spaces, it makes it a lot easier for men to control the entire social setting,” said Ellie Singer, one of the plaintiffs. “But also by keeping women separate, it allows them to dehumanize us. To not see us as equal members of an organization or as equal people. By accepting women, you force people to allow women to share in the positions of power in these organizations and force them to reckon with women as equals.”

Singer says allowing women as members will help prevent sexual harassment and assault.

A Yale spokesperson didn’t have comment on the lawsuit. A lawyer for the fraternities said the accusations are baseless.