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At Sanford Heisler Sharp we are committed to upholding the civil rights of our clients by using our firm’s extensive resources and unique insight to fight for their basic human rights and freedoms. The compassionate legal professionals at our Nashville law office know that unlawful conduct in the workplace can not only affect an individual’s employment status but also their performance and mental health.

Our premier legal team proudly handles discrimination cases arising from intimidating, hostile, and offensive work environments. We frequently represent employees who have suffered discrimination based on their race, age, or disability, as well as for taking protected leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Employment Discrimination Cases we Handle in Nashville

Our reputable and efficient legal team is committed to fighting against the following forms of discrimination in the workplace:

  • Pregnancy Discrimination: Our firm represents pregnant women experiencing discrimination because of their medical conditions. Under the FMLA, discrimination based on current, past, or intended pregnancy is prohibited. We have successfully represented clients in pregnancy discrimination cases against large pharmaceutical companies, accounting and public relations firms, and other notable entities.
  • Race Discrimination: Although it is illegal for employers to discriminate against an employee because of their race in  hiring, firing, discipline, distribution of benefits, promotion, compensation, job training, or any other condition of employment, it still occurs in workplaces across the country. From restaurant servers to CEOs, we have helped clients across a wide range of occupations assert their rights against powerful employers.
  • Age Discrimination: We understand that being discriminated against just because of how old you are can be painful. Whether you’re just starting your career or nearing the end of it, we believe that all employees deserve to be treated fairly in the workplace, no matter what their age is. If you are being treated differently at work because of your age, then consult with us to learn about your rights under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.
  • Gender Discrimination: Our firm secured the largest gender discrimination verdict in U.S. history, as well as record-setting victories for women in both entry-level and C-suite roles. Our firm is uniquely positioned to understand and support our clients through even the most difficult and challenging gender discrimination cases.
  • LGBTQ Discrimination: No matter what your orientation or gender identity is, we believe that you deserve to be protected from all forms of discrimination in the workplace. Whether you have been verbally or physically abused by co-workers or fired because of your sexual orientation or gender identity, we will vigorously defend your rights.
  • Religious Discrimination: Religious discrimination is illegal under federal law, which is why we assist workers who have been mistreated because of their religious beliefs. Contact us today to discuss your situation if you have been fired, endured offensive remarks, or were denied leave for religious holidays.
  • Accent Discrimination: Although Title VII doesn’t explicitly outlaw accent discrimination, courts have ruled that accent-related discrimination can often constitute national origin discrimination. If you have been subjected to harassing comments, discipline, and undue scrutiny because of your accent, then speak to us today so we can assess the circumstances of your case.

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