Baltimore Apartment Complex and Property Management Company Lawsuit

Case type: Sexual Violence, Title IX, and Victims’ Rights
Filed in: Circuit Court, Baltimore City County
Docket: Case No. 24C21000786 

Case Summary

In February 2021, Sanford Heisler Sharp filed a lawsuit on behalf of Emily Doe against a Baltimore apartment complex and property management company alleging premises liability negligence after Ms. Doe was raped by a stranger who had gained access to her building through a faulty door that Defendants had been made well aware of but neglected to repair for years.  

According to the Complaint, Ms. Doe was a 26-year-old medical student in May 2018 when a strange man entered her apartment, violently held her down, and raped her, threatening throughout that he would kill her if she made a sound. 

The Complaint alleged that Ms. Doe had complained to building management that the faulty door posed a security risk in 2016, two years before the rape. According to the Complaint, at the time, building management also acknowledged in writing that the door posed a security risk but failed to make the necessary repairs to ensure that it shut properly.  

As a result of the attack, Ms. Doe suffered physical injuries and significant emotional harm. The Complaint sought compensatory and punitive damages.  

In 2022, the parties reached a settlement in the case.