New Yorkers Gain New Legal Protections Headed into 2022

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In the last days of 2021, New Yorkers scored several legislative victories expanding legal protections for workers across the City and State. Below, our employment law attorneys explain the types of changes that will be enacted under the new laws in 2022.

Legal Protection for Domestic Workers

First, the State finally recognized what employment and labor laws have too often ignored: domestic work is work. The state’s main antidiscrimination law, the New York State Human Rights Law (NYSHRL), had expressly omitted domestic workers, leaving them vulnerable to various forms of discrimination and sexual harassment that can occur in the workplace. However, under the new law, domestic workers are no longer excluded.

Domestic workers who experience discrimination can now pursue relief with the New York State Division of Human Rights or in court. In addition, part-time domestic workers now must receive paid leave benefits, since the legislature lowered the qualifying threshold from 40 to 20 hours per week.

Both new laws, which have already gone into effect, were sponsored by former Sanford Heisler Sharp attorney, Assemblywoman Jenifer Rajkumar. The laws are expected to confer rights on 300,000 state workers, including many women of color.

Salary Range Requirement for Job Postings

With the second legislative victory, the New York City Council passed a mandate that job listings must include a good faith salary range for advertised positions. The development will apply to most employers in the City and to job postings for both staff and independent contractor roles beginning in mid-April 2022.

This new law represents a major victory for employment rights and equity in compensation. Pay secrecy is a well-established contributor to systemic gender and race discrimination in the workplace. By forcing employers to reveal the salary range they are actually willing to pay, prospective job candidates now have more leverage to negotiate a fair salary during the interview process.

A similar pay transparency measure is also percolating in legislature committees at the state level.

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