Partner Reflection: Brent Hannafan

By Brent A. Hannafan, Nashville Partner | April 2024

I joined Sanford Heisler Sharp in June 2023.  Prior to joining the firm, I had proudly worked for the Department of Justice as a federal criminal prosecutor for over fifteen years. I chose to join Sanford Heisler Sharp because of its unwavering commitment to justice and the quality of the people who work here.

Although I have only been with the firm for a brief time, I couldn’t be happier with my decision. I am surrounded by people who are committed to justice, brilliant and creative in how they represent our clients, and genuinely kind and considerate to one another. I am proud to be a member of this firm.

In every case Sanford Heisler Sharp handles, our goal is simple – achieve justice for our clients. Regardless of whether we are representing individuals who have suffered employment discrimination, victims of a crime, employees who have had their retirement savings mismanaged, or people willing to expose a corporation’s misdeeds, our clients are seeking justice.  Everyone in our firm – our named partners, our attorneys, and our staff – all have a passion for seeking justice, and that passion drives us every day.

Unlike many other law firms, everyone at SHS embraces the idea that a win for one is a win for all. That commitment to our collective success spurs people to help their colleagues regardless of whether they are assigned to a particular case. By way of example, several of us joined the trial team in the case of Chase Robinson v. Robert De Niro and his company, Canal Productions, just months before trial. The case had been pending for almost four years, so the newest members of the trial team needed to work day and night to get prepared to try the case. To present our client’s best case to the jury, attorneys and staff from across the firm pitched in to help the trial team. During the trial itself, we continued to receive support and encouragement from our colleagues throughout the firm. Without that outpouring of support, the trial team never would have been able to achieve the wildly successful verdict we obtained on behalf of our client.

Finally, I am continually impressed not just by the creative thinking and quality of work our attorneys and staff produce, but by the consideration and kindness people here show one another. People don’t merely pay lip service to caring for their colleagues, they genuinely care about them and help them in personal times of need.

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