Victims’ Rights

California Passes the Nation’s First Stealthing Law

Stealthing is a concept that you likely know about, even if you are unfamiliar with the term. It refers to nonconsensual condom removal, a behavior that is alarmingly prevalent. Studies have revealed that 5% of men and nearly 19% of women knew that they experienced stealthing,[1] and nearly 10% of the young men openly admit to it.[2] Rates are likely even higher[3] for at least…

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Legal Options for Victims of Crime

Victims of crime are often completely overwhelmed. Not only are they navigating the emotional and physical impact of the crime on their lives but they are also faced with uncertainty about their legal options. Victims of crime, including sexual assault survivors, regularly come to us soon after the crime happened. Often the first question they ask is: “Now what do…

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