Month: December 2018

Filing A Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Under A Pseudonym

The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure generally require that a publicly filed lawsuit name all the parties involved.  However, under certain circumstances, plaintiffs can avoid disclosing their name by filing a lawsuit using a pseudonym (such as “Jane Doe” or “John Doe”).  Although the use of a pseudonym commonly arises in sexual harassment cases, some courts are reluctant to allow…

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Virginia Supreme Court Appoints Panel at Request of Martinsville, VA to Consider Consolidation of Opioid Lawsuits in State Court

On November 20, 2018, the Virginia Supreme Court appointed a panel of three Circuit Court judges to consider the consolidation of lawsuits previously filed in Virginia state courts against opioid manufacturers, distributors, and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) for their role in creating the public health emergency caused by prescription opioids. The panel was appointed in direct response to the request…

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Montgomery County Sues Opioid Industry Giants For Role In Nationwide ‘Epidemic’

Montgomery County filed suit against dozens of people and companies in the opioid industry Thursday, accusing them of contributing to a crisis that’s ravaged the county and country. The county is seeking $100 million, plus $350,000 in punitive damages from each of the more than three dozen named defendants and 100 anonymous defendants — plus a possible tripling of damages.…

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The Legal Profession has a Uniquely Disturbing Gender Disparity in Job Satisfaction

Researchers at Vanderbilt Law School have found an alarming disparity in the job satisfaction rates between recent male and female law graduates, as detailed in a forthcoming research paper in the Marquette Law Review. The researchers discovered that “recently graduated female lawyers are 19 percentage points less likely to state that they are very satisfied with their current job compared to their…

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