What to Look for in a Class Action Lawyer

On Behalf of | November 26, 2016 | Working for Justice Blog

When you believe that you have a class action lawsuit on your hands, the most important thing to consider is the lawyer you choose to represent you. Whenever you choose a lawyer, there are many factors to consider, such as expertise in the field. But when choosing a class action lawyer, there are many more considerations to take into account.

Factors in Choosing a Lawyer

When doing research for your lawyer, don’t forget to keep these factors in mind:

  • Experience – Like any other lawyer, you want to make sure the class action attorney has experience in these types of lawsuits. Class actions can be very complex and could take months, even years to reach a settlement or verdict. In addition, you have to make sure the lawyer has experience in your particular case. For instance, if a group of women was discriminated against in the workplace, they will want an employment class action lawyer who has experience in gender discrimination. However, you don’t want this same attorney to handle a defective products class action (unless he/she has experience in this type of class action).
  • Verdicts/Settlements – It’s important to know how well your lawyer has done with these types of cases. What percentage of class actions has the attorney resolved successfully? What kind of settlements were reached in his/her cases? For instance, let’s say the class action lawyer you are considering has a track record of winning millions of dollars. But when you really do your research, you discover that most of the settlement money is going into his/her own pocket instead of the class. Don’t be afraid to ask the attorney to provide more information about his/her history or ask former clients what it was like to work with the class action lawyer.
  • Resources – This is key for any class action lawsuit. A class action lawyer needs to have the proper resources available to fully research and handle your case. Not only do you need to know if the law firm is financially stable, but how many class action lawsuits the firm are pursuing. If there’s not enough staff to go around and the lawyers are stretched thin with other cases, it might be a better idea to find another lawyer.

The Class Action Lawyers at Sanford Heisler Sharp are Ready to Hear Your Case

We understand how difficult a class action lawsuit can be. That’s why we dedicate as much time and effort that’s needed to make your case successful. If you believe you have a class action on your hands, don’t delay. Contact Sanford Heisler Sharp now for an evaluation of your case.