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Sing Tao Daily, August 28, 2015 – China’s New Strategy To Focus Investment Experts Along The Way

| August 28, 2015 | News

In front of a lot of unstable factors in the international economy, China’s next step will be going? (USF) University of San Francisco School of Business held yesterday afternoon, “China’s new investment strategy forum”, invited the business community and economic experts to answer this question.

Forum invited experts, including Chinese consulate in San Francisco Commercial Counsellor summer Cheung, a retired professor at the Wharton School of Miami (Marshall Meyer), a senior financial investment adviser division of its Adams (Tom Kochis), the law firm Sanford Heisler Kimpel adviser Field ( Charles Field) and large-scale human resources and technology management company CDP founder Wang Wei (Wayne Wang).

For the “Chinese Way?” The big question, all experts answer ── “I do not know.” But each have contributed their own analysis of the issue.

Forum hosted by the School of Management, University of San Francisco professor Dr. Yang Xiaohua. Professor Yang for the title of China’s economic emergence of the latest Ask the Experts, these topics include along the way, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the latest of China Xi Jinping’s upcoming visit to the US stock market crash and the like.

Commercial counselor of the Chinese Consulate Xia Xiang believes that China’s economic growth from the rapid shift in speed. Along the way and infrastructure investment bank is China’s macro policies on foreign economic trade. Although the United States from China in the area of ​​coverage of the way a bit far, but the two big countries closely, China and the United States look forward to open the Silk Road in the sky.

Experts on China’s future prospects generally divided into two factions. Optimists believe that the Chinese nation has a toughness, uncertain government withstand all kinds of crises.The recent stock market crash is increased by 150% in the year after it plunged 30 percent, below normal self adjustment of the Chinese economy in the long run the impact is minimal.