Month: March 2011

Novartis Nemesis Sanford Heisler Files $100 Million Sex Discrimination Class Action Against Bayer

When you’re on the winning side of the biggest gender discrimination verdict in history–last May’s $250 million punitive damages award in a class action against Novartis–word gets around. So when a half-dozen female employees of Bayer went looking for lawyers, it’s not a big surprise that they ended up at the offices of Sanford Heisler, where former Litigators of the…

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Bayer Gets $100M Gender Class Action Headache

Posted March 21st, 2011. Pharma Giant Calls Female Managers “Backstabbing,” “Indecisive” Complaint Details Systemic, Pervasive Company-wide Discrimination For more information, contact Jamie Moss, newsPRos,201-493-1027, [email protected] (March 21, 2011, New Jersey) – Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals was handed a pounding $100 million headache today that even its highly-publicized aspirin is unlikely to relieve.  The law firm of Sanford Wittels & Heisler, LLP, filed…

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Cigna Employee Seeks $100m in Discrimination Suit

Posted March 3rd, 2011. As it appeared in the Boston Globe Globe Staff A woman in the Boston office of Cigna Health Care Inc. is seeking $100 million in damages in a lawsuit that alleges that the health care provider systematically discriminates against women by fostering a hostile work environment and by denying women rightful salary increases. Specifically, the suit…

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Class Action Cites CIGNA Health Care for Discriminatory Employment Practices

Posted March 3rd, 2011. Complaint Says Gender Discrimination Is Company’s Standard Operating ProcedureNot Less Than $100 Million in Damages and Nationwide Reforms Sought For more information, contact Jamie Moss, newsPRos,201-493-1027, [email protected] (March 3, 2011, Boston) – Gender discrimination in the form of a hostile work environment and differential treatment of males and females occurs company-wide at CIGNA Health Care Inc., according…

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Cigna Faces Class-Action Suit Alleging Discriminatory Employment Practices

Posted March 3rd, 2011. As it appeared in BestWeek BOSTON March 03 (BestWire) — A proposed class-action lawsuit has been filed by a female employee of Cigna Health Care, alleging discriminatory employment practices and seeking at least $100 million in damages. Filed in U.S. District Court in Boston, Bretta Karp, a long-time Cigna provider contracting manager, sued the company on…

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Business, Women’s Leaders Urge Supreme Court to Recognize Value of Class Actions to Employees and Business Community at Large

Posted March 1st, 2011. Contact: Sadie Kliner  or Jamie Moss 202-986-2600 or 201-493-1027 Amicus Brief Describes How Nondiscriminatory Policies and Critical Workplace Reforms Achieved through Class Actions Benefit Businesses WASHINGTON, DC – February 28, 2011 – On Tuesday, a group of business women and leading women’s organizations filed a friend-of-the-court brief urging the U.S. Supreme Court to consider the business benefits of…

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Partner Kate Kimpel Has Co-Authored A Compelling Amicus Brief In The Wal-Mart Discrimination Suit

Partner Kate Kimpel has co-authored a compelling amicus brief in the Wal-Mart discrimination suit – the largest civil rights class action in the nation’s history. The bellweather US Supreme Court case has far-reaching consequences for workers’ rights. Kimpel and her co-authors from the National Partnership for Women & Families argue that size of the plaintiff class should not be a…

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