The best employment law experts in the country.

“I am pleased to write a review for Danielle Fuschetti who is among the best employment law experts in the country IMO. In working with Danielle and her team, I was impressed by the extraordinary breadth and depth of Danielle’s knowledge of employment laws and past precedents, and her ability to discern the most subtle violations of the law. She is willing to spend as much time as needed to get to the bottom of literally *anything* mentioned while talking to her. She takes the time to research and share relevant legal notes with clients to ensure everyone is on the same page. I cannot emphasize enough the high moral and ethical standards of Danielle and her team. She presents all available options to her clients and advises them as needed to let them make the most informed decisions. Danielle is very empathetic, lends a comforting hand to her clients in times of their direst needs, and works tirelessly on their behalf. Please do yourself a favor and give Danielle a call if you think you may be a victim of discrimination or harassment of any kind in your workplace. Good luck!”
– S K