Finding a Top Employment Lawyer … Can Be the Proverbial Needle in the Haystack … I Found that Needle!

“The abrupt end of employment can be financially and emotionally disruptive and challenging to most people. Add factors such as age, gender, or an unpredictable job market; stress levels can be high. This uncertainty can exist even if a moderate settlement is on the table.

Suppose you think you’ve been mistreated and believe your severance should be more than just moderate. In that case, hiring someone who is an expert in employment law and an excellent strategist and negotiator is advisable. And, recognizing that some discussions may cause the former employee to feel marginalized and maligned, and resolution is often protracted, an essential quality to seek in such a lawyer is the rare but oh-so-significant human touch.

Most A-list employment law firms/attorneys represent defendant employers; finding a top employment lawyer representing the plaintiff/employee who possesses the requisite gamut of desired qualities and skills can be the proverbial needle in the haystack.

I found that needle! She’s Qiaojing Ella Zheng, Managing Partner of the Palo Alto and San Francisco Offices and Asian American Litigation and Finance Practice Group Chair at Sanford Heisler Sharp!”

– A Grateful Silicon Valley Senior Executive Management Client