The Power of Passion Paired With Professional Judgment in Litigation

On Behalf of | April 2, 2024 | Firm News

On the 20th anniversary of our firm’s founding, we at Sanford Heisler Sharp would like to reflect upon the building blocks of our success in advancing social justice. That success starts with our vision. We are a collective of attorneys and staff united by a singular mission: to champion the cause of justice.

Since our modest inception two decades ago, we have grown into a nationally recognized practice. We have earned numerous awards for our work in protecting civil and human rights across the United States.

Because we are a public interest firm, what drives us isn’t profits but rather a steadfast commitment to upholding civil rights and effecting far-reaching social change.

Our Blueprint for Success

Victories in the legal and social justice spheres don’t come by chance. They require a constellation of strengths, strategy, experience, and diligence to produce positive outcomes.

As pioneers at the forefront of social change, we are proud to have perfected an approach that has brought us historic wins. Below are just a few of the factors that serve as a foundation for our success – and for the success of the clients we serve.

Balancing Passion With Judgment and Transparency

While our shared passion underscores everything we do, passion alone doesn’t produce results. We balance passion with professional judgment. We take a grounded and realistic approach to every case. We are not swayed by the fervor of the moment; rather, we are guided by the merits of the case and the framework of the law. Our vast experience gives us the insight and judgment necessary to craft the right path toward success.

We serve our clients with integrity, offering them transparency at every stage of their journey. We are a team that believes in forging relationships based on trust and clear-eyed assessments. As a result, our clients are never left in the dark or blinded by unrealistic expectations. They are fully informed partners in the litigation process.

Pursuing Strategic Litigation Rooted in Unwavering Resolve

Our approach to litigation is characterized by diligence and attention to detail coupled with an unwavering resolve. We don’t let the complexities of the legal system – or the might of daunting adversaries – deter us.

In both individual and class action claims, our work has helped foster safer and fairer workplaces, exposed abuses of power, secured compensation for large classes of people, given voice to victims of sexual abuse and righted wrongs across all levels of society.

Leveling the Playing Field with an Elite Legal Team

Pursuing landmark social justice cases requires a wealth of resources and a talented legal team. Often, opponents have large legal departments at their disposal. Our firm levels the playing field with a wealth of resources and a highly accomplished legal team. We are well-positioned to tackle the challenges posed by powerful corporations, religious institutions and governmental entities.

Our legal team includes the best and brightest, chosen for their diverse talents and shared dedication to social justice. More than half of our attorneys have clerked for state and federal judges, including at the United States Supreme Court. Many have earned professional recognition for their exceptional work. Their excellence forms the backbone of our firm’s strength.

Advocating for the Public Good Through Pro Bono Efforts

We commit substantial resources to cases of significant social, legal and moral importance. Our firm has invested millions of dollars and countless hours into causes such as that of Native American activist Leonard Peltier, who was wrongfully convicted of murder and has been imprisoned by the federal government since 1977. His plight exemplifies the type of injustice we strive to rectify.

Forging Ahead on the Road to Justice

We continue to stand firm in our determination to confront abuses of power. Looking to the future, one of our founding partners, Jeremy Heisler, authored a reflection piece detailing our firm’s journey.