David Sanford Reflects on 20 Years of Advocating for Justice: Celebrating Sanford Heisler Sharp’s Legacy and Far-Reaching Impact

On Behalf of | March 12, 2024 | Firm News

As we commemorate the 20th anniversary of Sanford Heisler Sharp, we reflect on our commitment to justice as a powerful force for change across the nation.

Our journey began with a vision to create a firm that would advocate for victims of abuse and injustice. We structured our practice as a civil rights firm built on the foundation of serving the public good rather than generating profits. We accept less than 2% of the thousands of case inquiries we receive each year.

From Three Attorneys to a Nationally Recognized Powerhouse

Over two decades, we have grown from a three-attorney operation to a robust team of over 60 lawyers and 50 staff, with seven offices nationwide. Our entire team stands unified in our longstanding mission to confront abuses of power. Both our firm and our lawyers have earned national and regional recognition for our efforts in the field of civil rights, labor and employment, and commercial litigation.

Looking back on 20 years of groundbreaking work, we are proud of the real change that we have fostered across all levels of society. Our firm’s history is rich with landmark cases and pioneering legal work that seek impactful shifts toward a safer, more just society. Our victories are a testament to our diligent efforts in righting wrongs wherever they occur.

Our Vigorous Opposition to Abuse at All Levels of Society

Abuse of power can permeate any environment – workplaces, governments, religious and educational institutions, and health care settings, to name a few. We take creative, strategic legal action against formidable opponents to restore dignity to people from all walks of life who have suffered the devastating effects of mistreatment.

Below is a snapshot of the ways in which we have stood up to injustice, producing concrete results that have garnered national attention and echoed throughout society.

Championing Employee Rights

In the realm of employment law, we are steadfast allies for workers in all industries and sectors. We have prevailed in multimillion-dollar class action lawsuits against businesses, corporations and government employers. Our efforts have not only brought justice to individuals but also helped reshape the employment landscape, promoting greater equality and fairness.

Seeking Justice Through High-Impact Lawsuits

We have litigated on behalf of municipalities devastated by the opioid crisis, pursued a multimillion-dollar consumer class action against a large energy company for a bait-and-switch scheme, and joined with the City of Baltimore to hold manufacturers of “ghost guns” accountable for an epidemic of gun violence.

Confronting Fraud and Financial Mismanagement

Our work with whistleblowers has been instrumental in exposing fraud. By standing with those who have the courage to speak out, we have recovered billions of dollars for the federal government and tens of millions of dollars in whistleblower awards.

We also hold companies accountable for violations of their duties to manage 401(k) retirement plans prudently, protecting the retirement savings of their employees.

Empowering Victims of Sexual Abuse

We have fiercely advocated for victims of sexual abuse in Title IX cases against major colleges and universities, and we litigate against powerful institutions, including the Catholic Church, health care institutions and the U.S. military. Our advocacy has given survivors a voice and means to help restore their dignity and provide a measure of resolution to difficult chapters in their lives.

Battling Discrimination and Bigotry

We are proud to have exposed discrimination, bigotry and inequality in many of its forms. Through numerous high-profile discrimination cases, we have stood up to prejudices based on race, gender, religion, culture and other protected grounds. Our work has broken down barriers and fostered equal opportunity for all.

Continuing the Pursuit of Equal Rights Into Our Firm’s Next Chapter

As we look back on our 20-year history, we are proud of the ground we have broken and the positive impact we have made nationwide. Our commitment remains as steadfast today as it was at our founding. Many challenges and fights lie ahead, as the society in which we live continues to be fraught with abuses of power, inequality and social injustice.

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