El Mundo, June 4, 2015 – A Former Employee Sues Zara USA by ‘Discrimination’

As appeared in El Mundo

A former employee of Zara in the United States has filed a lawsuit in a New York court accusing the company for “discrimination” and unfair dismissal and seeks damages of $ 40 million .The lawsuit was filed in the Supreme Court of New York by Ian Jack Miller, former legal director of Zara USA , a subsidiary of Inditex in the United States, which alleges that he was fired in March by “Jewish, American and gay” .“Mr. Miller seeks damages of more than $ 40 million for hostile work environment, wage discrimination and discriminatory dismissal and retaliation, “he said a spokesman of the plaintiff law firm told Efe.Miller says was “harassed” with emails sent him with “pornography”, which was excluded from meetings, that his salary had a “dizzying” reducing and eventually was fired “snapped” after seven years working for the company .Demand n or is directed against the owner of Inditex, Amancio Ortega , but says that some of the executives who harassed him were “appointed personally by Ortega” for their work and received reprimands for their “close to Mr. Ortega relationship.”In particular, demand is directed against Moses Costas , exc onsejero delegate of the US subsidiary of the Spanish multinational, and Dilip Patel, current manager of Zara USA director, as a copy to which Efe had access.Miller also said that “regularly” executives “racist” emails in which it appeared the US president, Barack Obama, with a hood of the Ku Klux Klan and the Confederate flag or Michelle Obama exchanged “serving fried chicken “.It also states that “for years” did not talk about his Jewish origin by the “open anti-Semitism” of the company , mentioned controversies such as the “bags swastika Nazi” or “striped pajamas” and claims that the know was Jewish “everything changed.”Contacted by Efe, Zara headquarters in New York USA would not comment on the lawsuit.