Whom We Serve - Individuals

At Sanford Heisler Sharp, we are equipped with the cutting-edge resources and extensive knowledge of the law that corporate executives, lawyers, medical, finance and tech professionals, academics, and other employees need to initiate and resolve a wide range of employment law matters. We also hold powerful institutions accountable for failing to protect individuals from sexual and criminal misconduct and represent individuals who expose those who violate the public trust by defrauding the government. Our firm has recovered more than one billion dollars for clients from some of America’s largest and most well-known corporations, firms, organizations, and academic institutions. We are also proud to have achieved unparalleled success securing extraordinary systemic changes in corporate America.

Employment Law Matters

Our law firm has garnered a distinct reputation for being familiar with and responsive to the unique needs of high-profile and high-performing professionals who are undertaking the process of challenging workplace unfairness, including claims of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. We take great pride in our ability to deliver highly informed and efficient counsel to a wide range of clients in need of sophisticated and discreet representation. The lawyers at Sanford Heisler Sharp understand that the vast majority of our clients seek to resolve their disputes through confidential negotiations that may involve strategic considerations regarding confidentiality, reputation protection, entitlement to equity, and transitioning to a new employer.

Our clients also include individual and groups of workers who seek to challenge their employer’s unfair labor practices such as denying workers overtime pay or misclassifying employees as exempt from overtime. Often, our clients come to us after uncovering company-wide failures to comply with labor laws. Our skilled and experienced wage and hour attorneys work with clients to identify these violations and pursue the compensation they were unjustly denied.

Survivors of Sexual Violence and Criminal Misconduct

Sanford Heisler Sharp has distinguished itself as a leading law firm serving survivors of sexual violence and other crimes. Clients come to Sanford Heisler Sharp because of the deep legal knowledge our attorneys possess, our client-centered and trauma-sensitive approach, and our willingness to take on the country’s largest and most prestigious institutions for their failure to protect victims. We assist survivors in navigating both the civil and criminal justice systems and are one of the few law firms with the expertise and resources to bring class actions on behalf of groups of survivors. We understand that it takes courage for a survivor to confront a powerful entity. The lawyers at Sanford Heisler Sharp are prepared to walk with victims and their families every step of the way.


Whistleblowers seek out the experienced attorneys at Sanford Heisler Sharp because our firm offers exceptional guidance and counsel to employees and others who are aware of fraudulent and deceptive practices that harm the government, investors, and consumers. Whistleblowers come from all walks of life and possess critical knowledge that the government needs to connect the dots and uncover wrongdoing. At the same time, whistleblowers may not know how to navigate the reporting process or to focus their submission. We understand the intricacies of federal and state whistleblower laws and have collaborated successfully with a number of government agencies over the years. The whistleblower lawyers at Sanford Heisler Sharp work closely with our clients, step by step, to prepare and pursue a claim.

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