I was in awe of the firm’s command of employment law.

“I was referred to Sanford Heisler by an associate that has experienced their excellence. The details of a class action lawsuit were more than I could have ever imagined. My team at Sanford Heisler was responsive, understood the complexities of the case, and understood my position and they put forth amazing effort. Their legal skills, and knowledge, allows them to handle the most intricate employment issues. Not once did I have to contact the firm for an update on how my case was progressing. I was informed every step of the way. I was in awe of the firm’s command of employment law. Amazed at their available resources and sense of obligation to fight for the rights of the individual. I always felt that my case was of the utmost importance to Sanford Heisler. The firm works tirelessly to ensure justice prevails and that you receive the best possible outcome under the law. I worked closely with Attorney Michael Palmer and Attorney David Tracey. They not only handled the litigation but sheltered me from the “hired bullies” working for the large insurance company. I always felt prepared and protected. Attorney Palmer and Attorney Tracey were always; receptive, accessible, realistic, strategically focused on my best interest. During my litigation additional issues arose, I was always treated respectfully, and I continually received pragmatic assessments of the circumstances, and of the potential difficult process that would lay ahead. I could not ask for better representation than what I received. I was fortunate Sanford & Heisler agreed to represent me. They are by far one of the best employment firms in the country.”
– Stephanie McKinney