Polymer80 Ghost Gun Case

Case type: Public Interest Litigation

Filed in: Circuit Court for Baltimore City

Docket: Case No.: 24-C-22-002482

Case Summary

The complaint alleges that Polymer80, Inc. violates Maryland and federal firearms law by manufacturing, advertising, and selling kits and parts with which consumers can easily and quickly assemble fully functioning, home-assembled, untraceable, and unserialized ghost guns.

The complaint alleges that Polymer80, which accounts for 91% of all ghost guns seized in the City, has caused a public nuisance in Baltimore City, and that the City is entitled to monetary and injunctive relief as a result.

In February 2024, the parties reached a settlement of the lawsuit that imposes a permanent injunction against Polymer80, prohibiting the ghost gun manufacturer from selling or advertising its ghost gun kits in Maryland. Polymer80 additionally must pay the City of Baltimore $1.2 million in damages.