Countrywide Home Loans Predatory Lending Action

Case Description

Case Type: Predatory Lending
Company: Countrywide

Joyce Saucier, et al. v. Countrywide, et al.

Sanford Heisler Sharp represents eleven African-Americans and their home-owners association in a case involving the Kings Court development in Southeastern Washington, DC. Our clients are suing the real-estate developer, lenders, and other entities involved in fraudulently providing them sub-standard properties that have been plagued by flooding, mold, and other structural defects, and for engaging in predatory lending practices with respect to financing. The Defendants in the case engaged in a property-flipping scheme, designed to sell defective units to unwary first-time homebuyers. Defendants intentionally and fraudulently targeted our clients who were inexperienced and unsophisticated first-time homebuyers. Our clients were deceived into purchasing units that were fraudulently over-appraised and whose cosmetic repairs resulted in unstable, unsafe, hazardous, and uninhabitable dwelling units. As a result, our clients were subjected to intolerable living conditions.

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