Wages & Overtime Law

Under California’s Broad Definition of “Wages,” Executive-Level Employees May Be Able to Pursue Labor Code Wage Claims to Recover Unpaid Stock Grants, Bonuses, and Other Forms of Compensation

It should be well understood that an employee, including an executive, deprived of compensation promised by the employer and earned by the employee has a potential cause of action for breach of contract. But did you know that such an employee may also have a wage payment claim under applicable labor laws, particularly the California Labor Code? The consequences are…

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Overtime Could Be in Jeopardy for 5 Million Workers

Bureaucracy is boring. “Regulatory Plans,” “Notice and Comment,” “Final Rules”—the Administrative State tends to glaze eyes. But for a moment last July, the media set its gaze on bureaucracy. That’s because a bureaucratic agency, the Department of Labor, proposed a rule that could increase the wages of millions of workers. Specifically, the DOL proposal makes approximately 5 million additional “white…

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Q&A with Anne Collier

In recent Q&A, I talked with Debrah Farnell, a financial advisor, about how she counsels women to make the most of their money (a subject that Kate K. has also posted on recently).  I asked her whether she counsels her clients in talking about money at their job.  She mentioned that her friend Anne Collier, executive coach and trainer and founder of Arudia,…

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Fight for $15 Brings Fast Food Workers Closer to a Living Wage

My colleague Jennifer Siegel wrote about the Fast Food Forward, or Fight for $15, campaign a few months ago. The campaign calls for fast food restaurants to raise their employees’ wages to $15 an hour. At the time, Jennifer noted some of the victories the movement had achieved in the form of state legislation raising minimum wages. This week, the movement…

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Worker Claims in $100m Class-Action Lawsuit That Shipping Giant UPS Didn’t Pay Overtime

ATLANTA (AP) — Shipping giant UPS is being accused of not paying overtime to account managers who go door-to-door making sales pitches to businesses. Laura Meza, a Whittier, Calif., resident who has worked at UPS since it acquired her previous employer trucking company Overnite in 2005, claimed in a lawsuit filed Wednesday in federal court in San Diego that she…

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