Frank Xu

Recourse for Victims of Sexual Assault & Harassment in the Maritime Industry

It is no secret that there is a long, well-publicized history of sexual assaults and sexual harassment (SASH) within the maritime industry. In fact, in 2016 and again in November 2021, due to widespread incidents of SASH aboard maritime vessels, the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) temporarily halted its Sea Year program – a program in which students are placed…

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False Claims Act: The New (Old) Tool in Pursuing Cybersecurity Fraud

As the world becomes more dependent on technology, there have been more and more cybersecurity attacks that leverage vulnerabilities in technology products. Cyberattacks are becoming more prevalent and have established themselves as key threats across different industries, affecting both public and private sectors. State and non-state actors across the globe will all likely engage in more dangerous cyberattacks in the…

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