When You Need an Employment Lawyer

On Behalf of | May 12, 2020 | Employment Law

There’s a lot more to employment law than dealing with negotiations between two parties. Employment law is a complex field that is always changing. The courts and government agencies are constantly changing the laws and regulations governing in the workplace. What might have been the law only a few years ago can disappear overnight in one ruling.If you feel like your legal rights are being ignored at work, it’s good to talk to an employment lawyer at Sanford Heisler Sharp. With our highly trained and respected team of employment attorneys, we can help guide you through the latest laws.

But first you need to know when exactly is the right time to hire a lawyer. Here are a few incidents where an employment lawyer such as those at Sanford Heisler Sharp can help an employee.

Wrongful Termination – Need an Employment Lawyer?

There are some states that allow employers to fire employees for no reason whatsoever. However, there are times when your firing can be considered a case of wrongful termination. Such conditions include:

If you feel your firing was a result of one or more of these conditions then you should speak to an employment lawyer.

Hour and Wage Violations

Did you not get compensated for your work?  Sanford Heisler, LLP has dealt with employers who’ve refused to give employee rest breaks, compensation for overtime or force employees to pay for their own business expenses. If any of these actions happened to you, you need an employment lawyer.

Whistleblower Matters

If you witnessed something illegal at work or you know your employer is committing a fraudulent act against the government, you should consider speaking with an experienced whistleblower attorney. An employment lawyer could protect your rights and help ensure no retaliation actions are used against you.

Discrimination in the Workplace – Employment Lawyer

Even in this day and age, discrimination is still alive in the workplace. If you believe you were discriminated against, you may have a case.

You may be hesitant to come forward due to the thought of consequences you may face after suing your employer. You may consult employment lawyers at Sanford Heisler Sharp. If you feel you have a case, contact our employment lawyers today.