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Sanford Heisler Sharp LLP | 20th Anniversary 2004 - 2024

BREAKING: GirlsDoPorn Defendants Criminally Indicted by Feds

Posted October 10th, 2019.

Read the U.S. Department of Justice press release

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in San Diego has just unsealed a federal indictment against Michael Pratt, the owner of the website Matthew Wolfe, a friend and close business associate or Pratt’s in various pornography ventures since at least 2008 and Andre Garcia, the primary male actor in the videos published on GirlsDoPorn, were also indicted today. The three are the primary defendants in a civil case currently in trial in state court in San Diego. The three men have been charged with sex trafficking among other charges. Matthew Wolfe and Andre Garcia are in federal custody, the whereabouts of Michael Pratt is unknown and there is a warrant out for his arrest; he is officially a fugitive. In the civil trial Matthew Wolfe has testified on direct exam from the plaintiffs, but his testimony is not finished yet.

According to , partner at Sanford Heisler Sharp and lead trial counsel for the women plaintiffs, “Irrespective of this federal criminal indictment, we are committed to moving forward with the civil trial that has been underway for eight weeks. We want to get justice for the women that these men harmed as well as damages for the devastating events they lived through and have had to deal with ever since.”

“We are not 100% certain how this will affect our trial. The law says the judge has discretion to stay a civil case while the criminal matter is resolved. That means the judge has the option to put our trial on hold until the criminal matters are wrapped up. We will know more after court today. We are currently about two weeks away from finishing and would like to have our case resolved without delay,” added Chapin.