Ma Labs Computer Parts Workers Secure Class Certification In California Wage-Theft Action

Posted October 10th, 2014.

Class Trial Scheduled for February 2015

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October 10, 2014 (San Francisco, CA) — Superior Court of California (Santa Clara) Judge Peter H. Kirwan granted class certification to a group of more than 550 hourly workers seeking to recover unpaid wages from Ma Labs, a multi-national computer parts distributor based in San Jose, California.

The workers allege that Ma Labs’ time-keeping clocks were rigged to “shave” time off of their paychecks and that they were denied meal and rest breaks.

“We are thrilled by the Court’s certification decision.  It will allow these employees to stand together, as a group, and demand the wages they are owed,” said Xinying Valerian, an attorney with Sanford Heisler, LLP and the plaintiffs’ lead counsel.  “Many of these employees are immigrants who speak limited English, working for minimum wage and trying to support their families.  Now, they will have their trial after years of hard fought victories.”

Judge Kirwan held that all employees who are clocked-in are “subject to the control” of Ma Labs, regardless of their specific activity at a given moment.  Therefore, because the employees’ actual swipe times are recorded in the company’s computers, the issue can easily be adjudicated “simply on a review of the time records.”

Judge Kirwan also found that “Ma Labs’ failure… to inform employees of the uninterrupted nature of their meal breaks, coupled with the practice of allowing managers to request work from employees [during their meal breaks]” created a “sufficiently common set of facts and circumstances… to make class treatment appropriate.”

Ma Laboratories employees recently partnered with the Santa Clara County Wage Theft Coalition to hold a rally protesting sweatshop conditions and illegal pay practices at Ma Labs and other workplaces.  Studies show the average low-wage worker can expect to lose 15% of their wages to wage theft.  The Coalition predicts that figure might be closer to 25% in Santa Clara County, a known hotbed for worker exploitation.

“We hope this order will send a message to employers statewide,” said Marc Litton, the counsel who originated the case and who serves as co-counsel.  “Corporations should not be able to steal from their most vulnerable employees and then get away with it through divide-and-conquer tactics in the courtroom.”

Co counsel Ed Chapin of the San Diego firm Chapin Fitzgerald said:  “We are looking forward to trial in February, 2015.  The workers at Ma Labs will have their opportunity to prove to the world exactly what happened to them at work.  They deserve that opportunity and we are confident that we will win.”

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Marc Litton is with the Law Offices of Thomas Marc Litton in San Francisco and Ed Chapin is the founding partner of the San Diego Law firm Chapin Fitzgerald LLP.