City Gear Retailer Sued for Denying Overtime Pay

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Posted December 12th, 2012.

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A Nashville woman is accusing a Memphis-based clothing retailer of systematically denying overtime pay to its managers and assistant managers, according to a proposed class action lawsuit filed Tuesday in a Nashville court.

The company considers those workers exempt from overtime consideration, the lawsuit maintains, because of their supervisory role, an acceptable practice under the Fair Labor Standards Act. But City Gear, formerly known as Shelmar Retail Partners LLC, fails to further comply with the federal regulation by paying those employees a fixed salary, the lawsuit said.

A message left at the City Gear corporate office was not returned Tuesday.

The lawsuit proposes to become a class action on behalf of all managers and assistant managers at City Gear stores, Marty’s, Deveroes, CGP, Holliday’s and The Vault. City Gear operates stores on Gallatin Road in Nashville and in the Hickory Hollow and Rivergate malls, according to its website.