An Industry Leader

Sanford Heisler Sharp is celebrated by the leading professional journals as the number one ranked employment rights firm and number one ranked human rights firm, drawing acclaim from judges across the country, top publications evaluating the legal industry, the nation’s leading mediators, and even adversaries against whom we litigate.

The American Lawyer

“Biggest verdict ever awarded in an employment discrimination class action.”

– The American Lawyer

Unrivaled Experience

Sanford Heisler Sharp has attorneys who have collectively tried hundreds of cases, a former federal Chief Judge who has tried and overseen as judge over one-hundred cases, attorneys who have clerked for state and federal judges across the United States, and a brilliant staff which supports the firm’s attorneys and plays a vital role in case management. We have won precedent-setting verdicts and settlements for C-Suite executives, attorneys, directors, managers, and hourly workers. We are a firm of passionate and dedicated professionals who care deeply about justice and routinely outperform attorneys and staff on the other side.

Our Practice Areas

Sanford Heisler Sharp excels at holding major companies, firms, and institutions accountable when they cause harm. We advocate for victims of discrimination, harassment, and sexual assault, including employees at Fortune 500 companies, attorneys at law firms, and university faculty and students. We represent whistleblowers in exposing fraud against the government and promote corporate compliance in cutting-edge issues like consumer fraud, cybersecurity, foreign corrupt practices, highway safety, and digital ad fraud by supporting investigations conducted by the OCC, FTC, SEC, NHTSA, and the DOJ. We prosecute ERISA class actions for employees whose retirement savings are jeopardized by mismanaged 401(k) plans, and we bring class action lawsuits for workers whose employers fail to pay the commissions and overtime payments they are owed. We also have specialized expertise representing Asian and Asian-American clients in US-based litigation.

Class Action Case Results

Sanford Heisler Sharp's groundbreaking class action lawsuits and settlements have recovered nearly half a billion dollars for class members. Through our successful class actions, we have delivered results for tens of thousands of individuals, including employees who were discriminated against, victims of sexual harassment and exploitation, workers whose retirement accounts were mismanaged, and employees who were not paid the wages they were owed.

Whistleblower Case Results

Sanford Heisler Sharp‘s whistleblower and qui tam suits have recovered over $4 billion for our whistleblowers and the U.S. Government. Our clients are whistleblowers from a wide variety of fields including technology, banking, and government contracting, from local companies and Fortune 500 companies alike. We protect their interests and privacy throughout all stages of federal investigations, from pre-filing inquiries with enforcement groups to meetings with multi-agency task forces, and ultimately through the award or settlement process.

Individual Case Results

Many of our clients prefer to resolve their cases out of court. For these clients, Sanford Heisler Sharp negotiates private settlements that are customized to meet our client’s needs, including providing financial security and restitution, protecting their reputations, and helping them transition with dignity out of a toxic situation. When a defendant does not settle a case, Sanford Heisler Sharp files the case in court and deploys all resources necessary to aggressively prosecute and try a case.

Client Testimonials

At Sanford Heisler Sharp, our clients are our highest priority. Clients seek us out for our depth of experience handling complex cases, our creativity and strategic thinking in challenging situations, our compassion and responsiveness, our fortitude and integrity, and our commitment to the public interest. It is a testament to our team that many of the clients who seek out Sanford Heisler Sharp are themselves lawyers or C-suite executives accustomed to working with first-rate professionals.

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